Bitcoin mining in Kazakhstan

Hosting services for crypto miners.
Own mining farms in 3 different regions.
Cheap and stable electricity.


$0.055 PER KWh

Our services

Professional hosting

Hosting fee includes installation of ASICs, electricity, internet, regular maintenance, armed security, remote monitoring system, temperature control. In case of any interruptions, we do refunds.

Custom mining projects

For large-scale miners we can offer joint ventures, consulting, and contracting services for incorporating locally, finding cheap electricity, building, and management of mining farms.

Repair shop

We have the main repair center in Almaty and each mining facility has on-site repair shops. Our repair specialists are trained by Bitmain’s official training center and other training courses.

Custom clearance

The main costs when importing ASICs are 12% VAT, approx 200 $ for broker and warehouse services, approx 500 $ for internal transportation to our mining farms. We can help with customs clearance.

Buying ASICs

We can connect our clients with verified suppliers of crypto mining equipment. We have already bought from our suppliers thousands of ASICs and established transportation routes.

About company

Hive Mining is running 3 cryptocurrency mining farms in North, South, and East of Kazakhstan. All facilities are backed by high-quality electrical infrastructure.

Our engineers have designed optimal temperature control systems for our mining facilities, taking into account local climate. We keep the temperature inside mining containers between +5° and +30° during the year.

Currently, more than 5000 ASICs are in operation and the number is growing rapidly. We believe in the cryptocurrency future and work with enthusiasm.

Mining containers

We have modified our mining containers several times during the last 3 years to reach the highest uptime rate. They are almost perfect now.

Experts in mining

People are the main asset of our company. We value professionalism, the ability to learn, and the drive for achievements. A total of 25 experienced technicians, IT developers, and managers are working in Hive Mining.

Own software

We have developed our own software for monitoring ASICs, managing farms and mining pools. The software helps us reach maximum uptime of mining operations and control the process.

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Management Team

8 years of experience

Olzhas Kemalov

Cofounder & CEO

8 years of experience

Didar Bekbauov


10 years of experience

Nurbek Seitkhaliyev

Managing Partner


100 MW

Available power capacity

9000 ASICs

From clients from Asia, Europe & USA


Investments in mining.

3 Farms

Mining facilities in 3 regions of Kazakhstan


Customer Reviews

Ahmad N A

The hive team is knowledgeable, efficient, and extremely helpful. They are the best end-to-end solution for cryptocurrency mining.

David Tusan

“Great experience on a global scale. Nothing to distract you from success. Communication is easy, quick and responsive to actual needs and problems. Simple terms, and easy to understand methods, payments, and set up. Good uptime ratings as well. ”

Galymzhan O.

Love the service! Sent my first pack of 100 pcs Antminer S9 two years ago, and the second pack of 102 pcs Antminer T17 a year ago. They all got operational within days and been stable ever since.

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