About Company

The story of Hive Mining started at the beginning of 2017. One of our founders Olzhas was living in California and heard a lot about Bitcoin from his IT-involved friends. He started to investigate and spread the word to the other founder Didar in Kazakhstan. They decided to start a bitcoin mining business in Kazakhstan. Cheap electricity, fast and stable internet, and a favorable climate made the decision look reasonable. Olzhas came to Kazakhstan and together with Didar, they bought Antminers S9 from a local seller. They were inspired by bitcoin technology and felt excited to build the first mining facility. Some of their friends got interested in mining and they came up with the idea of providing hosting services for miners.

Hive Mining LLP

Hive Mining LLP was established in 2018. After launching the website, the Company quickly received attention from international miners, who wanted to establish mining operations in Kazakhstan. The same year the first batches of new ASICs were installed in the hosting hotel. Since then, Hive Mining has built and successfully operated 3 mining farms in different regions. The main strengths of the Company are solid experience in building proper crypto mining facilities and a professional team of technical specialists. The company’s IT department has developed custom software for the professional management of large-scale mining farms, which helps to maintain a high uprate. Hive Mining provides full service to run successful mining businesses in Kazakhstan.

Management Team

8 years of experience

Olzhas Kemalov

Cofounder & CEO

8 years of experience

Didar Bekbauov


10 years of experience

Nurbek Seitkhaliyev

Managing Partner


100 MW

Available power capacity

9000 ASICs

From clients from Asia, Europe & USA


Investments in mining.

3 Farms

Mining facilities in 3 regions of Kazakhstan

Customer Reviews

Ahmad N A

The hive team is knowledgeable, efficient, and extremely helpful. They are the best end-to-end solution for cryptocurrency mining.

David Tusan

“Great experience on a global scale. Nothing to distract you from success. Communication is easy, quick and responsive to actual needs and problems. Simple terms, and easy to understand methods, payments, and set up. Good uptime ratings as well. ”

Galymzhan O.

Love the service! Sent my first pack of 100 pcs Antminer S9 two years ago, and the second pack of 102 pcs Antminer T17 a year ago. They all got operational within days and been stable ever since.

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