What is the hosting price?

Standart hosting fee is $5.5c per KWh. This price includes electricity, regular maintenance, security, cooling. We can offer some price discounts for 1000+ ASIC holders.

What are payment terms?

We work on 1 month prepayment terms. At the end of each month, we do recalculate actual and prepaid consumption. If any difference occurs, then we only do refunds for the hosting fee prepaid. We don’t pay for lost mining profits.

Is there any minimum quantity for hosting?

Yes, we work with clients with a minimum of 100 ASICs for hosting. However, we can accept less, if the client signs an agreement for scaling to 100 ASICs within the year.

What is the uptime of your mining farms?

We haven’t measured the exact percentage, but we believe interruptions are very rare. There are 2 main reasons for interruptions: some major maintenance works and accidents on the electricity suppliers side.

Can I visit mining facilities before shipping ASICs?

Yes, we can schedule time and show you Hive’s mining farms. From your side, we will need an official company letter with a request to visit facilities with a list of visiting representatives.

Where are your mining farms located?

We have 3 farms in Ekibastuz, Taraz and Aktau cities. We plan to build more in other regions as well.

Where are your offices located?

We have 2 offices in major cities of Kazakhstan. One in Almaty, and another one in Nur-Sultan city. We suggest you to visit our offices, before visiting farms

Do you work with private individuals?

Yes, we work both, with business entities and private individuals from different countries.

Can you help with buying mining machines?

Yes, we have already helped to buy 5000+ ASICs for our clients. We can connect clients with our verified suppliers.

What do I need to pay for importing ASICs?

For importing mining machines VAT of 12% out of the total invoice price needs to be paid. Also, there will be some costs for the warehouse, customs brokerage service fee, and internal transportation.

What documents do I need to provide for importing ASICs?

Invoice, packing list, airway bill, serial numbers of ASICs. Also, importing entities need to obtain import permission from the Committee of National Security.

Can you help with customs clearance?

Yes, we can help, but all documents need to be provided on time.

Is there any way to optimize import taxes?

Yes, you can register a company in Kazakhstan with AIFC. Then apply for residency at Astana Hub. This will allow your company to get tax exemption for VAT.

Do you do only hosting?

No, not only hosting services. We have our own mining rigs. We mine Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash. We stake Ethereum. We develop software for the mining industry. We do cloud mining. We build electrical infrastructure. We sell mining containers. Come and visit us to learn more.

Do you have any questions?

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