Mining hosting

Hosting ASICs in the best mining hotel in Kazakhstan:

Temperature control

Cheap electricity

Stable and fast internet

$0 setup fee

24/7 Armed security

Own repair center

Several own mining farms

Bitcoin mining and colocation services

Hive Mining provides colocation services for miners from many countries, including Japan, Singapore, USA, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Korea, Hong Kong. We have experience with the relocation of mining farms to our hosting facilities from different locations.

Moreover, we can help private funds, hedge funds, family offices enter the bitcoin mining business. Due to Hive’s vast experience in the cryptocurrency mining sector, investors will benefit from help in purchasing equipment, transportation, custom clearance, and professional hosting service. Our partners can help with registering companies in AIFC for tax purposes.

Mining containers

We have modified our mining containers several times during the last 3 years to reach the highest uptime rate. They are almost perfect now.

Experts in mining

People are the main asset of our company. We value professionalism, the ability to learn, and the drive for achievements. A total of 25 experienced technicians, IT developers, and managers are working in Hive Mining.

Own software

We have developed our own software for monitoring ASICs, managing farms and mining pools. The software helps us reach maximum uptime of mining operations and control the process.

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